Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Greek students protest over education reform and clash with police

Athens, December 2nd: During a "paneducational rally" students try to break through a police cordon in front of the Greek Parliament. The demonstration marched also to the British embassy in Athens, in solidarity with British students who oppose plans to increase tuition fees.

From Independent Television News (ITN), UK:

"University students across Greece took to the streets in protest for the second day running on against the government's planned education cuts.

Students said they were also acting in solidarity with British students, by taking their demonstration to the British Embassy in Athens.

Greek students fear the education reform will lead to cost cuts in education and new tuition fees. Police arrested several students after clashes broke out and at least one student was injured.

Police used tear gas on the students after they charged officers in an attempt to break a police cordon in front of parliament.

This was the third protest in the last few weeks as the Education Ministry discusses reforms in the system, to be announced in the next few months.The government's planned education reforms include shrinking and merging public colleges and universities and reducing the teaching workforce.The reforms come as the government has implemented general economic measures to reign in spending, cut costs, and increase revenues to reduce their debt. Some of the measures, including wage cuts and lay-offs, have angered workers. Protests have died down since the beginning of the year but various labour groups continue to keep up the momentum."

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