Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Students protest mostly peacefully all over Italy - Strike as prelude to Greek austerity vote

This Roman place, shown at the end of the below "Youtube", is called Piazza del Gesù. It is one of most typical places of Rome, taking its name from the chiesa del Gesù, and owes its celebrity also to the Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti, which was until 1994 the headquarter of the Democrazia Cristiana party. La piazza reminds me of a school excursion in 1982 with our history teacher, Mr. Zwölfer, because he had quartered us in the little hotel just in front of Il Gesù. I liked much this teacher, we had a lot of debates, and after the high school exam Mr. Zwölfer gave me as farewell present "The Greek Discovery of Politics" by Christian Meier, a book by which I was very impressed, although I do not like its recourse to Carl Schmitt and Nietzsche ...

22 dicembre - La diretta dalle città contre il ddl Gelmini (Atenei in rivolta, Italy)

22 dicembre - Cortei e scontri, blocchi stradali e azioni in decine di città, a Roma 30mila in piazza: voi soli nella zona rossa, noi liberi nella città! (Uniriot, Italy)

Napoli 22.12 - 10.000 studenti in piazza -Occupati porto e stazione (Uniriot, Italy)

Palermo 22.12 - Gli studenti assediano il Palazzo della Regione, scontri con le forze dell’ordine (Uniriot, Italy)

Italian students protest against education budget cuts (2nd Roundup) (Deutsche Presse-Agentur via Monsters & Critics)

Thousands of Italian students take to the streets (Agence France-Presse)

Italy students protest tuition cuts (Al Jazeera)

Greeks go on strike before austerity vote (Daily Times, Pakistan)

Greeks rally against 2011 budget (Reuters)

Greek lawmakers set to vote on austerity budget amid protests (People's Daily Online, China)

Greece passes austerity budget (2nd Roundup) (Deutsche Presse-Agentur via Monsters & Critics)

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