Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Europe on strike against austerity - Riots in Spain - 300 police arrests at Brussels

Spain's general strike: teleSUR, Caracas, Venezuela, reports live from Madrid

EU anti-austerity protests (NewsNow, UK)

Economic protestors rally across Europe (China Business Weekly)

Espagne: Grève générale et gros affrontements à Barcelone (Brèves du désordre, Nancy, France)

European day of action: Protests and strikes all over Europe – “We are many, you are few” (International Marxist Tendency)

Europe marches; Brussels stands still (The Nation, USA)

General Strike - Noticias de Huelga en Inglés (Alasbarricadas, Spain)

Anticapitalist union CGT’s statement on the outcome of the general strike of 29 September (via A-Infos, Canada)

Generalstreik in Spanien (Indymedia Germany, mit zahlreichen Links)

Krisengroßdemo und Polizeirepression in Brüssel - Mehr als 300 Verhaftungen (Linksunten.indymedia, Germany)

Protesting truck drivers - Thessaloniki, Greece (Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ, Greece)

Workers in Madrid start their general strike by closing shops on 29 September 2010. They are chanting "Close!" and "Strike!" (Youtube via Socialist Worker online, UK)

General strike manifestation in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Catalonia (Youtube)

Barcelona: One hundred young people attack Europe Bookstore and a Burger King (Act for Freedom Now)

General strike action in Almeria and Mojacar area, southeastern Spain (Act for Freedom Now)

Irish parliament attacked in truck protest (UTV News, UK; see also Gulf Times, Qatar, and Tagesanzeiger, Switzerland)

Riots in Spain over austerity measures (Telegraph Video, UK)

Protestors from more than 30 European countries have taken to the streets over government plans to introduce spending cuts (Reuters Video, USA)

Ausschreitungen bei Generalstreik in Spanien (Reuters Video, Germany)

Spanish riot police and protesters clash during a nationwide general strike (Telegraph Picture Gallery, UK)

Millions take to streets of Europe against the cuts (One Solution Revolution)

Europe has gone out on strike as protesters took to the streets of Spain, Belgium, Italy and Greece to demonstrate against tough austerity measures. (Telegraph, UK)

Europe-wide protests kick off over austerity measures (RT, Russia)

100.000 at Brussels Euromanifestation (7sur7, Belgium)

218 arrests at Brussels - Euromanif a big success according to unions (Le Soir, Belgium)

France : 30 pétroliers en attente dans les bassins du port de Marseille suite à une grève (Le Quotidien du Peuple, Chine)

Fuck the sold-out unions, we strike ! (From the Greek Streets, UK)

Scab lorries have been shot at with a shotgun (From the Greek Streets, UK)

Truck strike turning ugly - Sofia complains Bulgarian drivers attacked (Ekathimerini, Greece)

Lorry drivers vow to continue their strike (From the Greek Streets, UK)

London ambulance workers demonstrate against privatisation (Socialist Worker, UK)

Stalk your local bankster: Attac Germany harasses bank branches in 75 towns and distributes FT fake "Financial crimes" (Attac Germany, see also here & here & Scharf Links)

Thousands of people took to the streets of Dresden against cuts (Indymedia, Germany)

Pay you fuckers ! 2.500 people gather in Berlin to protest against the crisis (Indymedia, Germany)

VdK-Protestaktion "Stoppt den Sozialabbau !" (Radio Utopie, Germany)

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