Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

British Students Protest Massively Against Cuts and Storm the Tory Headquarter

London, 10 November, in early afternoon: Out of a protest march of more than 50.000 people, students and activists with red-and-black flags have boarded the rooftop of Millbank Tower, the headquarter of the ruling Conservative Party

(see Videos from Daily Telegraph & BBC - Video from Russia Today - German Videos from AP & Reuters)

Tens of thousands of students and lecturers marching on parliament - Chronology of the events until 16:30 (Socialist Worker)

2010 student protest in London (Wikipedia - Speed Record !!!)

Students smash Tory headquarters (Indymedia UK via Libcom)

Inside the Millbank Tower Riots (New Statesman)

Fury about more than tuition fees (The Independent)

Student riot marks end of Coalition's era of consensus (The Independent)

London tuition hike protests turn violent (New York Times)

Student protests create an Edgar Allan Poe moment (The Guardian)

Update from occupied Tory Headquarter (Indymedia UK, 18:43)

Parliament square occupied - Free University open (Indymedia London, 20:34)

PLEASE SIGN: Statement of solidarity with students arrested at Millbank (Indymedia UK)

View from the rooftop of Millbank Tower

Photos: Indymedia UK

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