Montag, 29. November 2010

Violent scenes at a London townhall meeting, as UK braces for more student protests

29/11/2010 - While British students prepared for their third and biggest education cuts protest day (on Tuesday 30th November), there was fracas and fury in a Southeast London borough, Lewisham, where around 400 protesters tried to force their way into a local council meeting which was to decide about spending cuts. We document here the article from the "Socialist Worker Online" about this event:

"Riot police attack protesters at Lewisham Town Hall

Around 400 people rallied outside Lewisham town hall this evening against plans by the Labour run council to make £60 million cuts. The protest, organised by Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance, was boosted by a large feeder march of university students from Goldsmiths College.

After a rally many people rushed into the town hall to voice opposition to the cuts. Around 100 protesters managed to get in.

Police then attacked the protesters with horses, dogs, riot shields and truncheons.

One eyewitness, an NUT (National Union of Teachers) member, told Socialist Worker, “The police were like animals. The beat people with their truncheons and even attacked a 72 year old pensioner.”

A student at Goldsmiths, told Socialist Worker, “We marched down from the college and people joined us. We recognise the need to demand not just a future for students but for everyone.”

“Then they denied us access to the town hall and police attacked us, grabbing people by the hair and the neck.”

“It shows how little democracy there really is.”"

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