Montag, 29. November 2010

Italian student protests widen and even spread abroad

Oh la la, the Little Mermaid is flattered: A protest gathering of Erasmus students in Copenhagen, Denmark - Their banners read: "No to the Law Gelmini - On the run, but not to Samoa Islands"

29/11/2010- While Italy was drawn into the European debt crisis on Monday for the first time (as its borrowing costs shot up sharply on the financial markets), the massive student revolt in Berlusconistan is still rolling on. On the eve of the very last amendatory lower house decision over the contested education reform (called Law Gelmini), the normal activities of university & schools kept on being dominated by gatherings, protest marches, squats, rooftop occupations and symbolic actions of all sorts. The wave of revolt has now even reached Erasmus students or researchers in Paris, Brussels and other cities, which organized gatherings, prepared flash-mobs and tried to spark the flame of protest also abroad. At the same time, protesting pupils, a lot of professors & academics and important media (as La Repubblica) are supporting (or seem to sympathize with) the revolting students.


Università, la riforma al rush finale - Gelmini attaca il rettore di Firenze (La Stampa, 30/11/2010 - 08:30)

Italy drawn into crisis as borrowing costs rise (The Irish Times)

29 novembre - Azioni, blocchi e flash mob in tante città, comunicati dagli Erasmus, poi tutte occupate le facoltà della Sapienza (, Italy)

Universita' - Roma, Pisa, L'Aquila - Occupazioni in tutta Italia (La Repubblica, Italy)

Università, protesta al Cern di Ginevra. A Pompei striscione contro la riforma (La Repubblica via

A central Italian protest webside with updates about ongoing protests is

Activists in Pompei, Italy, holding banners which read: "Government of public destruction - Today Pompei - Tomorrow the universities"

"The Future is a Black Hole": Rooftop protest of Italian students, doctorands & researchers at the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Geneva, Switzerland


Studenti Protestano Su Tetto Cern Ginevra (ANSA News Agency, Rome)

Picture gallery with Erasmus protesters from Madrid, Tartu (Estonia), Falun (Sweden), Siviliga (Spain), Munich (Germany) and Barcelona (La Repubblica)

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