Freitag, 26. November 2010

Militant protest against austerity cuts in central Berlin

26/11/2010 - More than 300 activists tried on Friday to storm or infiltrate the Parliament Square around the Berlin Reichstag where deputies had to decide about austerity cuts. Although acting in several little swarms and affinity groups (and using the so-called Five Finger Tactics practised already at the Heiligendamm G8 protests), they were violently pushed back by massive police forces in riot-gear. So they floated afterwards to the Headquarter of the ruling Christian Democrat party (CDU) which was beleaguered and harassed for some time.

Inspired by the Italian student protests the days before, some protestors employed red shields to defend themselves against the cops (photos here). According to the police two persons were arrested under the allegations of breach of public peace and infringement of disguise interdiction.

The actions around the Parliament occurred out of a demonstration of around 1,000 striking pupils and a protest march of 4,500 people, the latter organized by a reformist-left, union-near political alliance.

According to press reports the Police had mobilized around 1,700 forces, dogs without muzzle and helicopters. Before, the state had edicted a demonstration ban for the whole Parlament Square under the pretext of terror warnings.

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A group of demonstrators tries to break through Tiergarten, a central Park, near the German Parliament


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