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Greek Crisis: News from these days (7)

Europe hit by wave of strikes ( see CNN, Independent and Socialist Worker)

Greece steeled for 24-hour strike against austerity plan (see BBC and Reuters )

Four biggest Greek Banks downgraded by Fitch Ratings (see WSJ)

LAOS tables question on German war reparations (see Athens News Agency)

German ambassador called in for protest over "Focus" magazine cover (see Reuters)

Athens Stock Exchange squatted by Communist Syndicalists (from Indymedia Germany)

The Stock-Exchange building in Athens was squatted by members of PAME (syndicalists of parliamentary Communistic Party) since today mourning. Mr Chr. Katsiotis, member of PAME's Executive Secretariat, stated on public TV-station that the movement will last the whole day and it is a part of the Wednesday's General Strike. The representatives of PAME stated that their aim is to show to the auditors of European Comission, to Central European Bank, IMF who are in Athens where are the money for real and to stop searching in the workers' pockets. The services of the Stock-Exchange were transfered to a different building and the protestors left the blockade at 14:00.

Other news from Tuesday 23rd February (from Indymedia Germany)

* The occupation of the rectorship building in the University of Athens keeps on against the decision of the rector to enforce the police entrance in the area

* The Dean of Athens University in Sciences sector occupied by students since today mourning

* Also squatted the Polytechnic University in the center of Athens

* Symbolic squat of the European Union's offices by members of SYRIZA (parliamentary leftish party) against the EU 'Stability Programm'

* Call-out for two demonstrations of the Radical Left on 24th February in Athens:

- An Anarchist gathering at 11 am at the Museum (next to the Polytechnic)

- An Antiracist-Antifascist rally at 6 pm in Amerikis Square

News from Monday 22nd February (from Indymedia Germany)

* Solidarity actions with the dismissed persons of METKA factory still go on. Slogans were sprayed on the walls of the company's administrator villa in Volos town and flyers were spreaded so also the neighbours can have a picture about him. On the fotos: "Oikonomou you are a creep, you threw 3 workers in the streets", "1 person in the villa, 3 in the streets", "Achtung, Oikonomou walks free around and fires syndicalists", "3 dismissals, Oikonomou you still sleep in peace during the nights?", "Their wealth is our blood". (Fotos of the action )

* The rectorship building of the University in Zografou district of Athens is occupied since mourning after the last day's police attack to the area. Also students and people in solidarity gathered in the central entrance of the area. A huge plakat was risen up, public busses were sprayed and information flyers were spread around. After lots of people gathered, the information actions took place also in different Universities of the area and the small demonstration also visited the rectorship building. The rector Moutzouris who gave order to the police to break the Asylum law refused to appear in front of the people and prefered to keep on his show in mass media. The people also smashed control systems in several entrances of the area.

News from Sunday 21st February (from Indymedia Germany)

* Early in the mourning police have entered the University Society Area in Zografou district of Athens, swearing against people, trying to stop a party that was taking place at this time, attacking against the residents and arresting many of them. (See more on Indymedia)

* Clashes with fascists in Larissa town. After information about a fascistic gathering in the central square of the town antifascists gathered on the meeting point to avoid this gathering. (See more on Indymedia) Fotos from the action on Indymedia Athens. The statue on the fotos belongs to the leader of "X" team which was cooperating with the German Nazis during 1941-1944 and used to give names of people in resistance to Gestapo and SS. The certain guy on the statue continued also later his anticommunistic actions on Cyprus island. The decision to rise up the statue was taken from the right wing major of the town. The sprayed slogans of the fotos: "Civil Class War, Fascists Back to Your Holes", "Earth is Our Only Country", "We are All Refugees in The World of Bosses", "Aegean Sea Belongs to Its Fish", "Fight for Land and Freedom", "No Tolerance for Nationalists Fascists or Rascists", "National Macho and In Your Job Just Arshole".

News from Saturday 20th February (from Indymedia Germany)

* Today, for one more time, the makeshift refugees' quarters in the near of Igoumenitsa town was attacked by police and also 10 arrests of refugees took place.

* Abandoned seafarers of MV Aetea Sierra joined the antiracist demonstration in Athens (see more on Indymedia) - Fotos from the demonstration and concert

* On Saturday 20th February a team of young workers entered into a theater in Athens to inform the people about the general strike on the 24th of the month. (Video of the action)

* Some out-parliamentary communists, members of Communistic Party marxists-leninists were arrested around 23:00 for rising up posters about the General Strike. They refused to give fingerprints and until 02:00 they haven't been released from the police station.


Foto: Poster found on some walls in Greece in 2010: "No fortress of power is invulnerable ... as long as we are determined" (For the complete translation into French and English, see Polisson)

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