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Γενική απεργία τώρα! General Strike Now !

The "Feature Page" of Indymedia Athens which gives a resumee about the last week of social fights taking place actually in Greece:

During the last days, thousands of workers expressed massively their conviction that the so-called "crisis" must be payed by those who created it. The imposition of unnecessarily increased taxation on basic needs' products, the cut-outs of wages and benefits, the new changes for the insurance system, were answered directly by the workers who immediately after the announcement of "economical measures" went out on the streets refusing to submit to the austerity program. Despite the state's efforts to spread social terror and social automation, the lustful wish of the ruling class to achieve an authoritarian consensus for the new measures was not successful !

We do not step back, we do not consent! The social-class war takes place on the streets!

On Thursday 4th of March in Athens, more than 10.000 protestors gathered at Propylaia and demonstrated through the centre of the city (Fotos-Videos / 2 ), while some hours before the leadership of GSEE (General Confederation of Workers in Greece) were refusing to call for a strike. On the same day demonstration took also place in Ioannina, Lamia, while in Arta were smashed the offices of PASOK ("socialistic" party on government).

The day before, on Wednesday 3rd of March, a gathering - demonstration took place on the island of Naxos.

On Friday 5th of March a new demonstration took place in Athens with mood for clashes and directed to the Labor Ministry, which shortly before had been evacuated, because of the fear caused to the authoritans from the crowd of protesters (Fotos - Videos) . During the same time at the gathering in front of the parliament, angry demonstrators gave the answer that corresponded to the President the GSEE. The MAT (Cops for Order Recovery) found themselves on the defensive several times during the demonstration, but despite this fact 5 protestors were arrested and they attacked with tear-gas on Manolis Glezos who was rushed to hospital and later to the intensive care unit. In addition, the Ministry of Interior employees have occupied the National Printing Office in order not to be printed the new law ... while since Wednesday 3rd of March is also occupied the State General Accounting Office. A strong demonstration took also place in Thessaloniki, with confrontational conclusion in front of the former Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace.

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On Thursday 11th March, a massive demonstration took place in Athens and in several other major cities in Greece. In Athens and Thessaloniki, more than 50.000 people took part in the General Strike against new govermental decisions and measures, while anarchists and youths clashed with riot police. In addition several banks, shopping centres, or state's buildings including one of the parliament's guarding cage were attacked.

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