Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

Greek News Update: 18th March 2010

Market View or: The Greek Class War from Above (by FT Alphaville)

Grigoropoulos trial – Bomb hoax at Syntagma square (Ekathimerini; see also Act for freedom now)

Greek unemployment soars to 10.3% (Bloomberg)

Interviews with Strikers in Athens, Greece (by Fil Kaler / MRZine, with video)

Greek workers insist “The economic crisis was not caused by us” (Interviews from Athens) ( World Socialist Web Site or Sociologias-com)

Greece: Fake left lines up behind trade union sabotage of anti-austerity struggle (World Socialist Web Site)

The Greek debt crisis signals a new stage in class conflict - Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International 17 March 2010 (World Socialist Web Site)

The Future of the Euro - Die Zukunft des Euro (by Nestor Machno, auf deutsch)

Greece: The implosion of the systemic crisis (Background Analysis by Takis Fotopoulos / The Inclusive Democracy Network)

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