Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

Greek News Update: 17th March 2010

"Lambros is one of us. Lambros Fountas is the one with which we defended the same barricade; he is the friendly tap on the back when you needed it, he’s the silhouette hazy from the smoke but always present in the street-fighting fire; he’s the person sitting next to you in an assembly or an event, he’s a link in the chains defending our demonstrations; he’s the secret paths that we draw in the cities. Memory gathering at the point of his assassination. Pre-meet up: Agios Ioannis metro station Saturday, March 20, 12 noon. "

(Anarchist poster calling for a gathering in memory of Lambros Fountas, killed by the police)

Nationwide gas station strike on Thursday (Athens News Agency)

Taxi strike - No cabs on streets tomorrow (Ekathimerini)

Strikes hit hospitals, power (Ekathimerini)

Athens plans asset sales to pare debt (WSJ)

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