Montag, 8. März 2010

Greeks Occupy Printing House, Offices and Banks to Block Austerity Law

Κατάληψη (katalipsi) – “Occupation” is written on the door of Greece’s National Printing House which prints the government gazette. For any voted law to come into force, it would have to get printed in the gazette first. For this reason, dozens of civil servants occupied Saturday the building to block the print publication of the austerity law. Despite the government's announcement that the law would come into effect even without getting printed, the occupation continues. Employees have also occupied the country’s General Accounting Office.

Meanwhile, in the northeastern city of Komotini (Thrace), hometown also for a sizeable Turkish-speaking population, employees at the troubled textile-company ENKLO have, impressively, occupied two bank branches of the National Bank of Greece.

Building up for the Panhellenic General Strike on Thursday 11th March, employees across the country’s solid waste disposal areas (XYTA) have declared a lock-down until that day.


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